Tree top view

One of the best things about my our job is the people we meet and the things we get to see.  Here I'm at the top of a large holly tree that had to be dismantled due to heave ( this is when the root system of the tree disturb structural things such as building footings and paths.  

But wile at the top of this tree I decided it was a great chance to take a photo to show how far you can see where normally you'd never get high enough to see this in this area. Happy days 

Don't forget to order your firewood

With all the wet days and cold weather we've been flat out with the processor knocking out fire wood.  Don't forget to get your order in for fast delivery or we can schedule it for when its most convenient for you.  

Seasoned dried hard and soft wood available 

£25 per 1/3 of a crane bag ( 1/3 bulk building sack)

£55 per full crane bag (bulk building sack)

£100 for to Crane bags (bulk building sack)

£5 per sack of kindling. £13 per 3 bags of kindling.

Another happy customer

Busy day topping out a conifer hedge and felling a birch tree. Another very happy customer and another great review.  MTC and the guys have done me proud again. Heres what the customer had to say. 

"Simon and his team did a brilliant job for us - removing a birch tree and reducing a thick collection of conifers down by half. It was a tough job but he was very thorough and produced an excellent result. He also tidied up after the job, removing all the waste - in fact leaving our garden tidier than it was originally. Simon clearly knows his stuff and we would definitely use him again and recommend his services."

click photo for after and before

Welcome to our new website

It's new year and what better than a fresh new website to keep our customers up to date with what we've been up to and advice.  

We'd like to take this chance to say happy new year and look forward to seeing you in the future. Any questions you might have please ask and we will get back to you to help you take care of all your tree needs.  

Simon ( Owner of My Tree Company)